About Rutlandweb

Simon Houghton


I’ve been working in the creative industry since the late 1990’s. Starting with Photographic Retouching, then Affiliate Marketing and Web Design. Since 2009 I’ve been building websites for clients in Rutland and around the country. My passion is in problem-solving and I love web technologies. I’m a big supporter of open source software and most if not all of my projects use the WordPress CMS Platform, which currently runs 30%+ of the internet. One of the main reasons I decided to start Rutlandweb was to connect with other small business in the area and build up long-lasting relationships, helping clients with their web problems.

Originally, I’m from “Up T’ North” but we moved down ten years ago and ended up in the lovely village of Ryhall in the east of Rutland. I have to say I think we are here to stay, the people of Rutland have been very welcoming, and we definitely feel part of the community.

My lovely wife is a Part Time Teacher, and so we share the childcare of our children so don’t be surprised if you ring and I’m down the Park or doing the school pickup!

I’m into technology, media, music and literature but above all else I love to help people where I can.


Helping local businesses with their web problems
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