Napoleaon Dynamite

ManageWP – Great Tool – Great Customer Service

Napoleaon Dynamite

Just had to write a bit about ManageWP. they are one of my favorite tools and I highly recommend giving them a go if you manage more than five WordPress installs. I couldn’t run my business without their most excellent service.

Last night I tweeted this just after I noticed there was a new major WordPress 4.5 update. I normally update sites after 11pm so it doesn’t mess up my client’s sites at a busy time. Nothing worse for a website user who is halfway through buying something to have the “Maintenance Mode” screen of white death show up. So yes I try and do these things later at night.

I woke up to find this to the normal chaos of a Tuesday morning, daddy can you do this and “Can you put your socks on?”, “Have you brushed your teeth?”, if you’re a parent you know the score.

Then I saw the tweek ManageWP had sent me.

Incredible, you should sign up with them just for this.

Here is my link to if you use this link when you sign up, I’ll get like a quid or something, I’ll use it wisely, buy my son some more Napoleon Dynamite pants or something.

And if you haven’t watched Napoleon Dynamite…Gosh… Idiot.

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