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UK and International Photography Trips and Safaris. Photograph animals in their natural environment with expert Photography Tuition.


The Brief

John Wright from Photographers On Safari got in touch regarding his website. He wanted it updating and making easier for him to edit, so we arranged a meeting and I went out to find out what he needed me to help with.

This was what his website looked like originally before I started work with John. He said that it was basically the same as when he had started his business eight years earlier. One of the problems with his site wasn’t lack of customers though, John is massively busy and is often in random places around the world helping his customers capture amazing images of exotic animals.

After our initial meeting it was clear John wanted to keep as much of the feel of his old site as possible, his customers were familiar with the colours and the layout, what was needed was just a slight facelift. Most of my work was under the bonnet so-to-speak, the design new design was to have the feel of the old site.

Photographers On Safari Rutland Web

The Website

One of the things that I had to upgrade were the 30-40 galleries that showed some of the incredible and exotic animals that you can photograph if you join John and his wife Nadine on one of their trips. We decided that the images would need to be reprocessed from the originals. Armed with a hard disk full of John’s Raw files I got to work processing all the new images through Lightroom. I have to tell you I completely loved this part of the job. Many years ago I used to be an IT manager at a Photography Studio, so this kind of work is almost second nature to me.

The new site was built as always on my favourite CMS, WordPress. I transferred over all of the older pages and old news as well as set up all of the Galleries in their new home.

One of the problems I had to work out in the making of this site was how to achieve how John wanted his sidebars to work. On the old site, he had images down the left and right sidebars that were from the trip talked about on each page. In the old site, he was having to do this by hand and it was taking too long. I worked out a system using custom sidebars that pulled images from either random or specific galleries. This meant that John only has to set the galleries up once and it can be used in all the places its needed throughout the site.

Below is a link to the finished website and make sure you check out the galleries, you will be there for hours!

It was a real pleasure to work with John and Nadine in helping to modernise their site. I think I’ve managed to update it but still keep the feel of the old site. I really must book myself on one of their workshops and have a go myself!

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