Art House Photo Design

Professional Commercial Photographer Frances Balam is based in Rutland UK a qualified professional photographer, an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society.


The Brief

Frances Balam got in touch with me last year about helping her to set up a website for her Photographic Work. She was wanting to get back into Photography after taking time off with there young family. After our initial meeting where we talked about everything Frances wanted her website to achieve and whether wordpress was right for her.

Although she didn’t want her site to have much text or be a blog, after discussing it we decided to use WordPress as the function to have a blog was there should she need it in the future. The brief was to create a portfolio type site for Frances to highlight her Photography work over the years of running her Art House Photo Design business.

Art House Photo Design Website by Rutlandweb Wedding Image
Art House Photo Design Website by Rutlandweb Portraits

The Website

After a few initial design changes, we found the solution that looked right and I spent a few weeks organising her images and loading them into the various slideshows for her site.

Although the site appears quite simple on the surface, underneath it was a little more complex because I wanted to make sure it worked right in all formats on all computers and smartphones.

After the site was finished I moved it over to her server and spent a few hours going through the ins and outs of the WordPress backend so she could edit and change things in the future. Take a look at my work and Frances lovely Photography.


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